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 Nancy Bowden has had a great impact on the people she has helped.    Many have been able to transform their lives and find a path to a more complete and satisfying existence as a result of her efforts.          Here are some of those stories.         

  •       "Over the years, I have had many practitioners of alternate healing techniques work on me. Many of these people have done truly amazing work, but Nancy Bowden has tapped into a power that is gentle yet deeper than anything I have encountered in my experience.

  • I first went to Nancy about an injury to my right elbow which had been causing tightness and pain. As a working musician, I am always concerned with physical tension which might affect my playing ability and had been working with several therapies to alleviate this condition. While we talked, Nancy gently manipulated my arm by slowly changing its positions and applying light pressure to various places. Though unaware that she had in fact started the healing process, I quickly began to feel a series of releases. In a very short time, I felt incredible relief throughout my arm and shoulder. I was, in a word, astonished.  - Frank Singer


  •           "Nancy is a true healer. My clients found relief from the discomforts of pregnancy under her healing touch, as well as headaches, back strain, and insomnia.  Her holistic focus addresses not only the physical complaint, but the energetic, the emotional and the spiritual as well.She has a special talent for releasing physical tension resulting from  daily stress or from longstanding emotional trauma.   Nancy has a rare gift that transcends bodywork and brings peace and healing to her clients."          - Bonnie U. Gruenberg Certified nurse-midwife Women’s health nurse practitioner

  •           Dear Nancy, I want you to know how much I appreciated you sharing your knowledge of singing bowls.  Your class was wonderful and I know how much I have benefited from what I have learned. I see how my family has as well.  What a wonderful gift.I have formed a very close bond with my bowl and it sings for me daily. It has blessed me with raised spirits and it fills my heart.

    I came home from work and couldn't find my bowl and here Julie had it in her room, clearing her crystals and her room. My sister also purchased two. She and my mom both use them, and my husband also seems to enjoy it.  You are a blessing!!!  I am grateful you came into my life. Love Gale                    - Gale Simon

  • I'm a professional musician now for 15 years touring all over the world. I have been suffering with chronic tendinitis and severe neck pain to the point where I couldn't move my hands and fingers. I have tried all kinds of treatment everywhere I went in an effort to ease the pain so I could get through my work.  Nancy was recommended to me as an energy healer.  I had never really tried this form of treatment before but was open to it as I had tried everything else.

    Her one on one treatment was absolutely life changing.  She moved my energy around and calmed my mind and body and was able to work the tension out.  Within days of her treatment I was feeling better than I have in years.

    One of my concerns was how to keep up the treatment while I was on the road.  Nancy introduced me to her long distance healing techniques which were equally amazing.  Nancy Bowden is blessed with incredible healing powers.  All who visit her will understand what I'm saying. - Tony Grey

    "Nancy is an incredibly skilled and gifted healer. I had no idea what to expect but, my initial session was truly life changing. I was shocked to find that I immediately looked more radiant, had an increase in energy, and felt lighter and more at peace. My mind was clear and focused. I felt better than I had felt in months. I highly recommend Nancy and her treatments."  Amy Van Scoter
  • Mamma, I'm so proud of you!  Good things are happening!  You are truly in tune with something on a regular basis that most people don't even catch glimpses of throughout their whole life. Anyone you help, including myself, is truly blessed to have your magic at work around them. You have definitely helped me more than I can tell you.

    I love you! I'm so lucky you're my mom! - Rachele Bowden      

  • Thank you Nancy for touching the lives of our children through your gift of music singing bowls. We    are so touched by your kindness.  We hope to have you visit our site again.  Thank you.   Caring Place Staff

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